Publisher's note

The Grinnell College garden has been raising consciousness and a sense of community along with the vegetables.
by Jon Andelson
Editor's note

For our Associate Editor, the prairie came home hardest through a sky full of stars.
by Emily Mamrak

Dr. Laura Jackson believes the fate of the threatened Monarch Butterfly is tied inextricably to the fate of agriculture on the prairie.
by Laura J. Jackson

Artist Thomas Agran took an unexpected landscape for his subject: the convulsed earth of a construction site that had once been a farm.

The FarmHouse at Hickory Highlands in Fairfield, Iowa looks as if it sprang out of the earth it sits on. That's because it did.
by John Freeberg

In this issue, audio producers Sonia Chulaki and Marie Kolarik talk with writer and environmentalist Cornelia Mutel.
by Audio producers Sonia Chulaki, Noah Herbin and Marie Kolarik

Last summer, native Californian Mary Rose Bernal "farm-sat," and found country life hard, sweaty, itchy and surprisingly...happy.
by Mary Rose Bernal

The work of this Connecticut-based photographer has frequently found its way onto our pages. Take a look at his work to see why.

Follow this Nebraska poet to a place, "beyond where dirt, tracks, grass, and sky / convince the stranger into highest company."
by Hannah Clark

Veterinarian Art Dunham's concern for his patients made him a world-renowned expert on the effects of Roundup herbicide on our environment.
by Jon Andelson, Mary Rose Bernal and Mark Baechtel

In this issue, our regular feature focuses on the Crested Kingfisher, the Downy Woodpecker, the Goldfinch and the Tufted Titmouse.
by Ken Saunders II

Think moonshine is a thing of the past? Not so much. Watch a batch cook in this video taken on an Iowa farm.
by Isabel Kugel and Emily Mamrak

The work we're featuring from this Iowa poet focuses on both prairie flora and fauna.
by Mike Lewis-Beck

Though best known for her urban paintings of New York and Kansas City, this artist also captures the Midwest's rural heart.
by Jane Pronko

Our regular contributor is hooked on the prairie's grasses. Here's how it happened.
by Sandy Moffett

Our regular contributor's photos take us from the micro to the macro.
by Justin Hayworth
Short story

Sometimes the past's beauty remains beyond our reach, even when it's at our fingertips.
by Quentin Chirdon

The seasons can be starkly different on the prairie, as this Chilean photographer found.
by Oliver Muñoz

Now a Californian, this poet spent his academic career in the Midwest. His poems in this issue show the connection is still strong.
by Richard Luftig
Short story

This fiction writer took prairie graveyards as her inspiration in these short pieces.
by Molly Rideout

Our regular contributor gave us an image of the Conard Environmental Research Area in high summer.

Poet Sam Burt explores fire as a metaphor in this poem.
by Sam Burt

For this issue, our regular contributor focused his camera on two butterfly species and a quartet of "Birds of the Prairie."

Bio notes for Rootstalk editors Rachel Ebert and Mark Baechtel.

In Toledo, Iowa, a venerable old theatre was a place for townspeople to restore their spirits. Now they're returning the favor.
by Abigail Evans