Volume III, Issue 1 - Fall 2016

Volume III, Issue 1

Fall 2016


In this issue, the photographer zooms in on asters and grasses for two of his intimate prairie portraits.

This photographer has parlayed a lifetime passion for the natural world into a body of vivid photographic work.

A trio of theater professionals use the prairie as a stage for a meditation on a global environment in flux.
Local History

This Amana Colonies historian spent over 33 years at the helm of a small Iowa Museum. It was time well spent.

This Iowa artist's meticulous compositions mine the haunted space between object and idea.

Poet Molly Beth Griffin and illustrator Claudia McGehee came together to celebrate the Sand Hill crane's migration.
by Molly Beth Griffin and Claudia McGehee

Featured in this issue: the Bald Eagle, the Cedar Waxwing, the Sand Hill Crane, and the Short-eared Owl.

The Kansas City artist's strongly horizontal paintings capture the sweep of the Midwestern sky and landscape.

A sound artist and a visual artist collaborated on "Branches," bringing the prairie to life in both their media.

In this closeup, we focus on a central Minnesota artist who uses multiple media to explore place, gender, and history.
Book Review

A college biology professor gives us her review of Cornelia Mutel's new book, A Sugar Creek Chronicle.
by Eizabeth J. Queathem

A Kentucky poet describes the union of body, emotion and landscape he finds on the prairie.
by Ethan Starr Evans

This Kansas artist abstracts prairie animals from their natural settings. The result: mysterious beauty.

A poet tenderly describes a young girl's experience of her Iowa home.

Ag giant Prestage came to Mason City, promising to transform its economy. The author, a City Councilman, describes what happened next.
by John P. Lee

In this memoir, the writer, formerly a bus driver for Iowa State University, chronicles a day in his life. It wasn't always a happy ride.

Pollinators are under threat. An Ohio-based biologist describes a project in which ordinary citizens helped save them.
by Amanda Gray

This photographer, used to taking pictures of the crowded streetscapes of home, tries his hand at the prairie.