Indigenous people's issues

Traditional Lakota governance has much to teach modern organizations and businesses.
by Craig Howe & Abe Katz
Local History

The Medicine Rock is believed by the Native peoples of the Dakotas to be of magical, medicinal value.
by Corey Wannamaker

Spending her life as a farmer hasn't kept Chris Gaunt from fighting for social justice, as our interviewer found.
by Tapiwa Zvidzwa

Calling herself "an embodiment of diversity in human, walking, talking form," this poet knows identity is both belonging and estrangement.
by Stephanie Snow
Personal essay

This Native American environmental activist draws a direct line between the fossil fuel industry and domestic violence.
by Kandi White

On any given outing on the prairie, you might just turn over an artifact from the country's indigenous past. Or maybe not...
by John Whittaker

Our first contributor from Canada tells how a piece of prairie history was preserved in northern Alberta.
by Jennifer Mueller

This scholar of Native American culture meditates on the meaning of roots, and the challenge to them represented by energy extraction.
by Sebastian Braun