Prairie Restoration

The artist's recent images were influenced by the gradual transformation of the prairie by settlements and agriculture.
by Tony Crowley

Dr. Laura Jackson believes the fate of the threatened Monarch Butterfly is tied inextricably to the fate of agriculture on the prairie.
by Laura J. Jackson

Our regular contributor is hooked on the prairie's grasses. Here's how it happened.
by Sandy Moffett

This photographer, used to taking pictures of the crowded streetscapes of home, tries his hand at the prairie.
Digital Art

It's a deceptively simple question. Our associate editor created an infographic to provide the not-so-simple answer.
by Cecilia Bergman

This photographer's images of the living prairie move easily from the micro to the macro.

This infographic by one of our Associate Editors shows how you can bring prairie back with some hard work and a little know-how.
by Rachel Snodgrass

Your news-feed has probably been full of the bad effects of herbicides. This contributor writes about how to do without them.
by Harriet Behar

Blake said we can see the universe in a grain of sand; can we see the prairie expanses of the past in a remnant on an Illinois highway?
by Cindy Crosby
Book Review

This contributor, a soil scientist, environmental activist and farmer, reviews a new book offering a vision of rural prairie revival.
by Fred Kirschenmann

We're featuring two photographs, both taken at Grinnell College's Conard Environmental Research Area, by our frequent contributor.
by Jun Taek Lee