An Iowa animal rights activist talks about how her grassroots fight against puppy mills began, and how it's grown.
by Mary LaHay
Local History

On Wednesdays, when Shirley Springer’s dad shut the door of the drugstore in Garwin, Iowa, the best part of the week was about to begin.
by Frank Heath
Personal essay

Climate change isn't just a challenge for science; for this writer it poses a challenge to soul and spirit, too.
by Cornelia F. Mutel

This Kansas artist abstracts prairie animals from their natural settings. The result: mysterious beauty.

Ag giant Prestage came to Mason City, promising to transform its economy. The author, a City Councilman, describes what happened next.
by John P. Lee

Janet Schlapkohl dramatized the farm crisis of the 80s in her one-woman show.

A young writer fresh out of college; a Nebraska horse farm; a wild-west show reunion. A memoir by Dan Weeks.
by Dan Weeks
Local History

The Medicine Rock is believed by the Native peoples of the Dakotas to be of magical, medicinal value.
by Corey Wannamaker

In this issue, our regular feature focuses on the Crested Kingfisher, the Downy Woodpecker, the Goldfinch and the Tufted Titmouse.
by Ken Saunders II

For this issue, our regular contributor focused his camera on two butterfly species and a quartet of "Birds of the Prairie."

This photographer, used to taking pictures of the crowded streetscapes of home, tries his hand at the prairie.

"Ekphrasis" denotes a poem about a strong visual. See if you think these poems, paired with the drawings which inspired them, fit the bill.
by Ben and Therese Brosseau

The nationwide celebration of our waterways comes to the prairie.

Keith Kozloff discovered a trove of his old black-and-white negatives from the 1970s in an old shoe box. Take a look at this selection.
by Keith Kozloff