An Iowa animal rights activist talks about how her grassroots fight against puppy mills began, and how it's grown.
by Mary LaHay
Local History

On Wednesdays, when Shirley Springer’s dad shut the door of the drugstore in Garwin, Iowa, the best part of the week was about to begin.
by Frank Heath

A public utility takes on big Ag in the fight for clean water.
by William G. Stowe

Our correspondent reports on the efforts of prairie ranchers like her to bring bison back to their pastures.
by Kayla Koether

Professor John Ikerd's love for rural communities has led him to ask some difficult questions.
by John Ikerd

Traditional Lakota governance has much to teach modern organizations and businesses.
by Craig Howe & Abe Katz

Ag giant Prestage came to Mason City, promising to transform its economy. The author, a City Councilman, describes what happened next.
by John P. Lee
Publisher's note

An appreciation for Richard Fyffe, Librarian of Grinnell College, who died untimely from ALS in November 2015
by Jon Andelson

Quilts aren't just for beds. Our correspondent shows us how they're warming up the rural landscape, too.
by Janet Carl

When things change, do they always change for the better? See what you think after reading this memoir of a one-room Missouri schoolhouse.
by Helen Johnson

A young writer fresh out of college; a Nebraska horse farm; a wild-west show reunion. A memoir by Dan Weeks.
by Dan Weeks
Local History

The Medicine Rock is believed by the Native peoples of the Dakotas to be of magical, medicinal value.
by Corey Wannamaker
Editor's note

For our Associate Editor, the prairie came home hardest through a sky full of stars.
by Emily Mamrak

Our regular contributor is hooked on the prairie's grasses. Here's how it happened.
by Sandy Moffett

Seed Savers is more than a gardeners' resource; it's an effort to preserve genetic diversity, and--for one family--a grandmother's peppers.
by Toby Cain

Where can you find the essential Iowa? Not in a single place, as this writer found, on the road with his father and a van full of friends.
by Colin Lewis-Beck

Our first contributor from Canada tells how a piece of prairie history was preserved in northern Alberta.
by Jennifer Mueller
Local History

Anthropologist Don Janzen examines his own background in his essay about his father's homesteading childhood in early 20th century Kansas.
by Don Janzen
Local History

How could a hunk of rock buried on a college campus have so much history attached to it? This woodworker/amateur historian tells us.
by Byron Hueftle-Worley

When you move into an old house in a small town, you inherit that house's history and, sometimes, its former residents.
by Sam Pérez

When this Minnesota writer's family farm became a regional park, she kept her family memories.
by Michele Brennhofer

In this article--part interview, part homage--Associate Editor Ethan Evans meditates on how place makes its way into an artist's music.
by Ethan Evans
Personal essay

Interviewing her family, our Associate Editor found that food provided a nucleus for a South Asian community's formation on the prairie.
by Anjali Jain

This scholar of Native American culture meditates on the meaning of roots, and the challenge to them represented by energy extraction.
by Sebastian Braun