Local History

This Amana Colonies historian spent over 33 years at the helm of a small Iowa Museum. It was time well spent.
Local History

On Wednesdays, when Shirley Springer’s dad shut the door of the drugstore in Garwin, Iowa, the best part of the week was about to begin.
by Frank Heath

For farmers like Howard McDonough, memory packs every acre and outbuilding.
by Howard McDonough

Where's the prairie? Is it an untouched remnant? A farm landscape? A freshly mowed suburban yard? Our correspondent says "yes."
by Thomas Dean

The artist's recent images were influenced by the gradual transformation of the prairie by settlements and agriculture.
by Tony Crowley
Publisher's note

An appreciation for Richard Fyffe, Librarian of Grinnell College, who died untimely from ALS in November 2015
by Jon Andelson

A conversation between Rootstalk editor Emma Thomasch and residents of the Mayflower retirement community.
by Emma Thomasch

Janet Schlapkohl dramatized the farm crisis of the 80s in her one-woman show.
Local History

Historian Dan Kaiser found a landmark building in American industrial architecture in his small Iowa town.
by Dan Kaiser

When things change, do they always change for the better? See what you think after reading this memoir of a one-room Missouri schoolhouse.
by Helen Johnson

A young writer fresh out of college; a Nebraska horse farm; a wild-west show reunion. A memoir by Dan Weeks.
by Dan Weeks
Local History

The Medicine Rock is believed by the Native peoples of the Dakotas to be of magical, medicinal value.
by Corey Wannamaker
Short story

This fiction writer took prairie graveyards as her inspiration in these short pieces.
by Molly Rideout

In this feature, a respected Drake University biologist traces the eons through which the prairie region's plantforms evolved.
by Thomas Rosburg
Local History

Though a closeted gay man during a less tolerant time, in the 1920s, Ralph Lorenzo Warner helped preserve a more gracious Midwest era.
by Will Fellows

On any given outing on the prairie, you might just turn over an artifact from the country's indigenous past. Or maybe not...
by John Whittaker

Our first contributor from Canada tells how a piece of prairie history was preserved in northern Alberta.
by Jennifer Mueller

The ability to read and write is far from a simple matter, as Wisconsin scholar Deborah Brandt explains in this interview.
by Deborah Brandt

Musician, journalist, educator with a 40-year career in the arts--our contributor has folded together multiple extraordinary lives.
by Dartanyan Brown
Personal essay

The one-room schoolhouse is a symbol of rural education that's swiftly becoming just a memory, as this writer poignantly reminds us.
by Mary Richarson McBee

This retired teacher decided to build his replica of the famous Transcendentalist's retreat on his acreage in Minnesota.
by Paul Goodnature
Book Review

This contributor, a soil scientist, environmental activist and farmer, reviews a new book offering a vision of rural prairie revival.
by Fred Kirschenmann

This contributor has been front-and-center for some of American culture's most dramatic changes, as you'll read in part II of his memoir.
by Dartanyan Brown