Volume V, Issue 2, Spring 2019

Volume V, Issue 2, Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Publisher's note

For our publisher, the late CEO of the Des Moines Waterworks, Bill Stowe, exemplified environmental heroism.
by Jon Andelson

Associate Editor Maya Dru interviewed Des Moines Waterworks CEO Bill Stowe shortly before his untimely death.
by Maya Dru

Here you'll find our audio recording of Maya Dru's interview with the late Bill Stowe, CEO of the Des Moines Water Works.
by Bill Stowe

Why would you want to undertake a roadtrip to the middle of Nebraska under threat of winter weather? Our regular contributor has the answer.
by Sandy Moffett
Personal essay

This Native American environmental activist draws a direct line between the fossil fuel industry and domestic violence.
by Kandi White

This Iowa Essayist--whose work we featured in our last issue--is also a striking photographer, as these images of the Dakota plains show.
by Sebastian Braun

This infographic by one of our Associate Editors shows how you can bring prairie back with some hard work and a little know-how.
by Rachel Snodgrass

This Minnesota photographer has contributed some stunning images to past issues. In this issue, his focus is a critically endangered bird.
by Bruce Leventhal

Your news-feed has probably been full of the bad effects of herbicides. This contributor writes about how to do without them.
by Harriet Behar

This indistrial designer searched the world over for a world-class professional challenge. He found it in wintery Minnesota.
by Greg Brew

This Iowa poet explores the commerce between landscape, heart and memory.
by Niki Neems

In this issue, we're adding an intimate portrait to the suite of Keith Kozloff photos we've published in Volume IV, issue 1.
by Keith Kozloff

The ability to read and write is far from a simple matter, as Wisconsin scholar Deborah Brandt explains in this interview.
by Deborah Brandt

Bryan Boyce's Cow Tipping Press is dedicated to bringing the voices of special needs people to a wider audience.
by Bryan Boyce

Two artists, born decades apart and working in entirely different mediums, found common ground in prairie wildflowers.
by Cornelia Clarke and Lydia Krueger Curtis
Personal essay

The one-room schoolhouse is a symbol of rural education that's swiftly becoming just a memory, as this writer poignantly reminds us.
by Mary Richarson McBee

This Iowa City poet and frequent contributor explores the particular charms—and melancholy—of a prairie spring.
by Mike Lewis-Beck

In this article--part interview, part homage--Associate Editor Ethan Evans meditates on how place makes its way into an artist's music.
by Ethan Evans

Wisconsin writer/activist Heather Swan talks with Associate Editor Maya Dru about her love of pollinators.
by Heather Swan

This retired teacher decided to build his replica of the famous Transcendentalist's retreat on his acreage in Minnesota.
by Paul Goodnature

Not every Midwesterner's youth is a pastoral idyll, as this poet reminds us.
by Gerard Sarnat

We're featuring two photographs, both taken at Grinnell College's Conard Environmental Research Area, by our frequent contributor.
by Jun Taek Lee
Personal essay

Interviewing her family, our Associate Editor found that food provided a nucleus for a South Asian community's formation on the prairie.
by Anjali Jain

This contributor has been front-and-center for some of American culture's most dramatic changes, as you'll read in part II of his memoir.
by Dartanyan Brown